The 32 Absolute Best Selfies Of All Time

Millions upon millions of selfies are taken daily — these are the BEST.

In case you don’t know, a selfie is a “picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other sort of social networking website.” Here are the BEST OF THE BEST:

ID: 810970

1. The Caught in the Act Selfie:

ID: 810239

2. The Terrified Baby Selfie:

ID: 809918

3. The iPad Selfie:

ID: 810128

4. The You Tried Selfie:

ID: 810201

5. The Baby Duckface Selfie:

ID: 810531

6. The Infamous Cat Selfie:

ID: 809935

7. The Caught in the Act Part II Selfie:

ID: 809913

8. The Lawnmower Selfie:

ID: 809940

9. The HELP ME, GRANDMA! Selfie:

ID: 809970

10. The Tyler, the Creator, Wearing Tiny Sunglasses Selfie:

ID: 810137

11. The Selfie on a Stick:

ID: 809984

12. The Baby Photobomb Selfie:

ID: 810131

13. The Uhhhhhh… Selfie:

ID: 810156

14. The Camera Focuses on a Horse’s Butt Instead of You Selfie:

ID: 810557

15. The Mischievous Monkey Selfie:

ID: 809936

16. The Dad Trying to Be Like His Son Selfie:

ID: 810857

17. The 50 Cent Selfie:

ID: 810140

18. The Eminem Standing in Front of the “Mona Lisa” Selfie:

ID: 810147

19. The Swag-Yolo/This-Kid-Looks-Like-the-Fat-Kid-from-The-Sandlot Selfie:

ID: 809926

20. The Bieber? BIEBER! Selfie:

ID: 810160

21. The Horses Going to the Club Selfie:

ID: 809939

22. The Conan O’Brien and Ricky Gervais in a Bathtub Selfie:

ID: 809957

23. The Hidden Dog Poop Selfie:

ID: 809986

24. The Long-Lost Twins Selfie:

ID: 810242

25. The Polar Bear Myspace Profile Pic Selfie

ID: 810267

26. The Squirrel Selfie:

ID: 810269

27. The Hillary/Meryl Selfie:

Ron Sachs / Getty Images
ID: 810465

28. The Risky Hat Selfie:

ID: 810510

29. The Caught in the Act Part III Selfie:

ID: 810658

30. The ?????? Selfie:

ID: 810519

31. The Thumb Selfie:

ID: 810650

32. And the Pug Shirt Selfie:

ID: 810674

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