The 19 Most Awkward Things That Have Ever Happened On TV

Live TV is so painful. Culled from this here thread.

1. That time the reporter totally didn’t need a canoe:

2. That time Mark got WRECKED:

3. That time this guy made television interruption history:

4. That time the jet pack didn’t work:

5. That time the chair didn’t work:

6. That time the dude DID have an economics degree:

7. That time the sportscaster didn’t watch the game:

8. That time someone let this creepy old man have his own gameshow:

9. That time BBC interviewed the wrong guy:

10. That time they let Ashlee Simpson on SNL:

11. That time the product broke:

12. That time Glenn Beck opened his big fat yapper:

13. That time the weatherman wasn’t paying attention:

14. That time the cops had to carry something big and pink outside:

15. That time the tower Jenga’d:

16. That time 50 Cent decided to be a huge creep:

17. That time they used the wrong footage:

18. That time the anchor made a very uncomfortable gesture:

19. And that time this lady had nature call on live TV:

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