• 1.

    Pedobear’s favorite aisle.

  • 2.

    Good, I’m busy the other eight.

  • 3.

    So wait…. where do you find the asian foods?

  • 4.

    INb4 penis joke.

  • 5.

    This is easily the most specific aisle I’ve ever seen. Though, I DO love my cheese to be suspended in air before I eat it. Everything tastes better if you hold it up for about 5-10 minutes before eating it, trust me.

  • 6.

    No context is given, nor is any desired. Who doesn’t love Pork Events? Anyone remember Pork Fest ‘98? Those were the days…

  • 7.

    Though one could make the argument that cheese is a kind of meat. THINK ABOUT IT.

  • 8.

    Wait… so you need to be shirtless, riding a bike with roller blades on, and walking your dog all at the same time to shop here? Count me in.

  • 9.

    Where are these tomatoes from?

  • 10.

    Love & marriage, horse & carriage, babies & booze. Just makes sense.

  • 11.

    Ah, so THAT’S where that is.

  • 12.

    Aaaaand Asian pedobear’s favorite aisle.

  • 13.

    This is getting too over-easy. GET IT???

  • 14.

    Though to be fair, nothing is really fresh unless you just hunted and killed it yourself.

  • 15.

    Lemons: a delicious, nutritious part of any kid’s school lunch.

  • 16.

    HA! What morons! Who put ham in the severed foot section?

  • 17.

    Mmmmm I do love a nice big meal of canned cat. Preferably with lemons.

  • 18.

    So at this store you have to ask permission to get bacon? What is the world coming to?

  • 19.

    No worries, I always get the numbers 14 and 12 mixed up too. They’ve both got ‘1’s in them! It’s hard! The hot tub’s too hot!

  • 20.

    Heh heh.