23 Easy Ways To Instantly Make Your Day Better


1. First, say this slowly to yourself:

ID: 544990

2. Try going outside:

ID: 545192

3. But if you’re stuck at work, imagine your dream job:

ID: 545201

4. Do something new with your hair:

ID: 545749

5. And take a brand new Facebook profile picture of it:

ID: 545106

Now focus…

ID: 545171

6. And imagine it’s this day in Middle School:

ID: 544839

7. And that your fridge looks like this:

ID: 544998

8. And that Michael Cera’s mustache never happened:

ID: 544863

9. Imagine Justin Timberlake made this song a reality:

ID: 545008

10. And that NASCAR was more like Mario Kart:

ID: 545325

Not doing it for you?

ID: 545406

11. QUICK! Look at this giant stack of pancakes:

ID: 545382

12. QUICK! Look at these pictures of Kim Kardashian crying:

ID: 545087

13. Quick! Look at Snoop Dogg and his long lost brother:

ID: 545281

14. Quick! Look at these pandas on a slide!!!

ID: 544994

PHEW! Now relax…

…and think about all the things you have to be thankful for:

ID: 546102

15. Be thankful this isn’t happening in your hometown:

ID: 545812

16. Or this in your backyard:

ID: 545823

17. Be thankful that your bubble bath didn’t overflow:

ID: 545831

18. And no one put bread on your head:


ID: 545817

19. Be thankful you aren’t stuck in a swing right now:

ID: 546124

20. And that a picture of Eminem making nachos exists:

ID: 546136

21. Now look at this picture:

Mike Blake / Reuters
ID: 545004

22. Return your angers:

ID: 546230

23. And smile like a dog wearing a sombrero:

ID: 546044

Because your day just got better.

ID: 546239

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