22 Reasons You Should Just Stay Off Facebook Chat

Just say no.

1. Serial “Hi-ers”:

ID: 1308296

2. Or serial “Wasup-ers”:

ID: 1309390

3. Because if you had it your way, most conversations would probably go just like this:

ID: 1309302

4. The only time people message you is when they want something from you:

ID: 1309281

5. And usually it’s something stupid:

ID: 1309305

6. And half the people who message you barely know you in the first place:

ID: 1309328

7. They can’t even spell your name:

ID: 1308726

8. And they pretend to be your mom:

ID: 1309330

9. Most of the time the message is from a huge creep too:

ID: 1309300

10. Big ol’ creep:

ID: 1309301

11. So creepy:

ID: 1323880

12. Just when you don’t think it can get any creepier…

ID: 1309325

13. It gets creepier:

ID: 1309321

14. Besides, half of the messages you get are by mistake:

ID: 1324117

15. And they only end up leaving you confused:

ID: 1309327

16. And most of the time it’s a message about something you don’t even want to talk about:

ID: 1323896

17. Or something you might not feel comfortable answering:

ID: 1309332

18. So then you have to start making excuses:

ID: 1309322

19. And some of them are more believable than others:

ID: 1309323

20. And let’s be honest, you’ll never find true love like this:

ID: 1309282

21. Or this:

ID: 1309312

22. Besides, there’s nothing more relaxing than browsing like this:

ID: 1324400

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