23 Reasons Why “Hocus Pocus” Is The Best Halloween Movie Of All Time

Hocus Pocus IS Halloween.

Just in case you forgot…

ID: 635482

Come little children and pop in the VHS or turn on ABC Family:

ID: 635446

Silence the haters:

ID: 635498

Give them a stare-down:

ID: 635746

And watch the best Halloween movie of ALL TIME:

ID: 635666

Now let’s get cookin’:

ID: 635673

1. Because Sarah Jessica Parker has never had a better role than Sarah Sanderson:

ID: 635524

2. Or Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson:

ID: 635430

3. Because the movie taught us so many things, like what a virgin is:

ID: 635556

4. And that the ugly chicks always stay out late:

ID: 635563

5. How to be calm:

ID: 635648

6. How to be beautiful:

ID: 635645

7. And who “Ice” is:

ID: 635447


ID: 635512

9. Because the movie had zombies before zombies were cool:

ID: 635547

And it also had talking cats before talking cats were mainstream:

And made everyone want a cat.

ID: 635548

10. Because even though the movie was hilarious:

ID: 635440

11. Like, really funny:

ID: 635523

12. And kind of terrifying:

ID: 635519

13. It still makes you cry like a baby:

ID: 635488

14. Because Thackery Binx is the BEST NAME EVER:

ID: 635550

15. And because he’s on NCIS now:

ID: 635623

16. One word (or four): AMUCK AMUCK AMUCK AMUCK:

ID: 635557

17. Because Mary Sanderson was also the voice of Peggy Hill:

Not really related, but still MIND-BLOWING:

ID: 635617

18. Because they said the movie’s title in the MOVIE:

ID: 635731

19. Because of Winifred’s TEETH:

ID: 635567

20. And the amazing make-up in the movie:

ID: 635619

21. Beacuse everyone’s first crush was Max Dennison…

ID: 635727

Even if he was too cool to trick-or-treat:

ID: 635514

22. Or their first crush was Sarah Sanderson:

ID: 635624

Though, now it might be Dani:

That’s what she looks like now.

ID: 635637

23. And, finally, because of THIS:

ID: 635625

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