25 Problems That Desperately Need To Be Solved In 2013

This is serious stuff. Reddit’s Mildly Infuriating tackles the tough issues.

1. Muffins that stick to the wrapper:

ID: 797434

2. When the thing doesn’t go down far enough to get the last of the soap:

ID: 797350

3. Slightly askew iPhone home buttons:

ID: 797375

4. Vague Facebook statuses:

ID: 797378

5. Remote controls that lose their back cover:

ID: 797432

6. Inoperable pistachio nuts:

ID: 797431

7. Vacuum cleaners that end on a curve:

ID: 797364

8. Uneven sharpening:

ID: 797451

9. USB drives that take up too much space:

ID: 797361

10. YouTube country codes:

ID: 797436

11. Failed soda opening attempts:

ID: 797437

12. And failed bottle opening attempts:

ID: 797441

13. How hard it is to draw one of these:

ID: 797442

14. Poor sewer cover placement:

ID: 797443

15. Botched pudding openings:

ID: 797373

16. Awful watermarks:

ID: 799441

17. People who leave their weights all over the place at the gym:

ID: 797444

18. Horrible meat to bread ratios in a sandwich:

ID: 797445

19. And flawed salsa to chip ratios:

ID: 797435

20. Writing science papers in Microsoft Word:

ID: 797464

21. When zippers gets caught on coats:

ID: 797446

22. When an author’s name is bigger than a book’s title:

ID: 797447

23. Uneven stove tops:

ID: 797448

24. Capri-sun disasters:

ID: 797449

25. You might want to look away for this last one… EMPTY PIZZA ROLLS:

Photos via Mildly Infuriating.

ID: 797466

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