22 Essential Pieces Of Relationship Advice Learned From "Martin"

Oh my goodness.

1. Never be afraid to tell someone they’re beautiful:

2. If you need to get someone to listen to you, don’t be afraid to speak up:

3. And never be afraid to tell someone they just got dumped:


4. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions show. Especially when Pam is involved:


5. And never, ever be afraid to snatch a pillow:

6. Never call it sex. Call it this:


7. And never call it putting on make-up. Call it this:


8. And never say this to your girl’s face:

9. The best way to find a decent man is to look at yourself:

10. Be honest:

11. Be confident:

12. If you’re making a dating profile it should look something like this:

13. How to react to insults:

14. This is how you should say goodbye to your girlfriend:


15. Buy your girl some gifts to let her know how you feel:

16. Looks shouldn’t matter:

17. If you fight, it should probably go something like this:

18. But be honest about what you’re looking for:

19. If you need to talk, Bruh-Man is always a good option:

20. And always, always have a good comeback prepared:

21. Always:


22. And when in doubt, just dance:

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