19 People Who Prove That There Is Still Good In The World

Everything and everyone is not terrible.

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1. People who risk everything to help someone who is stuck:

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2. People who react as fast as they possibly can:

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3. Kids who know that not everything is about them:

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4. People who will run at full speed to help you with a dropped wallet:

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5. People who aren’t afraid to take action:

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6. Even if it puts them at risk:

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7. Or puts them in danger:

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8. And even if they’re eating a snack:

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9. Truck drivers who will stop to help out a kitten in need:

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10. People who aren’t afraid to help slightly terrifying baby animals get home again:

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11. People who stop to help a child back home:

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12. People who won’t stand for your litter:

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13. People who realize when a person might need a little help crossing the street, even in the middle of traffic:

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14. Or even if it’s a bird that needs a little help:

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15. Drivers who will stop to help out a person in need, whether it be in the middle of rush hour:

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16. Or the middle of a busy parking lot:

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17. Or just on the side of the road:

But not without a hug in return.

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18. Shoppers who aren’t afraid to help out (and catch) a child in danger:

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19. And kids who aren’t afraid to turn into a bridge to help a friend get where they’re going:

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