26 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Phones

Never again.

1. They’re too sassy:

2. They don’t understand typos:

3. They play horrible pranks:

4. They’re demanding:

5. They have no moral compass:

6. They involve you in their schemes:

7. They’re always getting celebrities mixed up:

8. They can never remember the important things:

10. They’re the worst after learning abbreviations like “omg”:

11. Or when they don’t know about the abbreviation at all:

12. Their life advice is a sort of unhelpful:

13. They’re easy targets:

14. Way too easy:

15. And they’re way too honest:

16. They never answer questions the right way, like when you ask how your dinner smells:

17. They’re just downright mean:

18. They’re way too cocky:

19. They wake you up in the middle of the night with the weirdest thoughts:

20. They always make fun of your accomplishments:

21. They’re always talking about lightly fried fish fillets:

22. They’re wiseasses:

23. And let’s not even start talking about dad jokes:

24. So many dad jokes:

26. And, finally, because of stuff like this:

Hurts to watch.

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basically this:
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