One Talented Baby Reenacts Scenes From Oscar Nominated Films

Honestly, if this child from Don’t Call Me Oscar replaced all of the actors and actresses, I’d probably pay 3 times as much to see these movies.

1. “Argo:”

ID: 894943

2. “Lincoln:”

ID: 894941

3. And “Lincoln” again, this time as Mary-Todd:

ID: 894948

4. “Life Of Pi”:

ID: 894939

5. “Zero Dark Thirty:”

ID: 894940

6. “Amour:”

ID: 894942

7. “Les Miserables:”

ID: 894944

8. “Silver Linings Playbook:”

ID: 894945

9. “Django Unchained:”

ID: 894946

10. “Beast Of The Southern Wild:”

ID: 894947

11. Good luck this year!

ID: 894988

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