25 Things That Will Definitely Make You Smile


1. First, take a look at Usain Bolt fist-bumping his biggest fan:

2. And cows being released to pasture after a long winter:

3. Let’s move onto Jay-Z making a new friend:

4. Now shift your focus to the world’s greatest security guard:

5. And these two guys’ smiles:

6. And these random acts of kindness:

10. Now look at Lebron James hugging a fan who hit a big shot:

11. Lebron is almost happier than a little girl waiting for the train:

12. Or a little boy discovering bubbles for the first time:

13. But no one is happier than Malcolm Subban, whose lifelong dream was fulfilled when he was drafted by the Bruins this year:

14. Or Senait, who just found out she’s going to be the first person in her family to go to college:

15. Now look at this gorilla riding a bike:

16. Read the most uplifting sign you will ever read:

17. And listen to what this little boy has to say about love:

18. Or just watch this girl being able to hear for the first time:

19. QUICK! Look at these otters chasing butterflies:

20. And these two lifelong best friends:

21. Now observe the power of dance:

22. And the power of a close-knit community:

23. The power of a kitten hug:

24. The power of a father who loves his daughter:

25. And the power of a flower:

Inspired by Reddit’s MadeMeSmile.

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