If This Post Makes You Laugh, Then You’re A Terrible Person

Are you a terrible person? Let’s find out!

Seriously. You shouldn’t be laughing at…

ID: 643409

1. These turtles who were rudely interrupted on their honeymoon:

ID: 643240

2. This poor woman:

ID: 643126

3. This guy who just had his golf game ruined:

ID: 643129

4. These two babies forced to fight to death in the octagon:

ID: 643200

5. This girl who has to spend the next 45 minutes of her commute looking to her right:

ID: 643205

6. This hamster that’s way too fat to go down his slide:

ID: 643207

7. And this dog who’s head is way too fat for this fishbowl:

ID: 644141

8. This quote from a man stabbed:

ID: 643215

9. This vicious bird attack:

ID: 643217

10. This kid trying to play volleyball:

ID: 643238

11. And this kid trying to play soccer:

ID: 643400

12. This little girl rejecting a zebra’s love:

The kindest love of all.

ID: 643247

13. This aspiring gymnast:

ID: 643246

14. The world’s most unlucky sports fan:

ID: 643398

15. A grandma doing shot-put:

Rick Rycroft / AP
ID: 643248

16. How much Dewey from “Malcolm in the Middle” looks like Shawn Johnson:

ID: 643249

17. This girl who Facebook thinks is a knee:

ID: 643250

18. This lady:

ID: 643241

19. An orangutan that had a little too much to drink:

ID: 643251

20. These nuns playing hoop:

ID: 643381

21. All these kids terrified of the Easter Bunny:

ID: 643301

26. Or this grown man terrified by Santa Claus:

ID: 643321

27. This kid trying to play catch:

ID: 643403

28. Art by David Schwimmer’s biggest fan:

ID: 643244

29. This cat who just wants to become a lamp:

ID: 643316

30. This guy teaching us a very valuable lesson:

ID: 643258

31. This referee’s job:

ID: 643326

32. This poor old man who was just robbed by a seagull:

ID: 643372

33. This kid trying to go down a slide:

ID: 643386

34. Poor old Dr. Hedgeh:

ID: 643339

35. This girl who won’t ever disobey her dad again:

ID: 643355

36. This man who does not quite understand how doors work:

ID: 643362

37. And this kid who ate too many hot dogs on picture day:

ID: 643375

But, remember, it’s totally fine to laugh at these Amish people on rollerskates:

ID: 643562

Amish people riding on rollerblades is ALWAYS funny.

ID: 643561

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