How Big Is Your Penis?

Take the quiz to find out once and for all!

  1. 1. Choose a Starbucks drink!
    1. Frap!
    2. Regular coffee!
    3. Iced coffee!
    4. Espresso!
    5. Tea!
    6. Pumpkin Spice!
  2. 2. It's 1 A.M. on a Friday night. What are you doing?
    1. Playing boardgames with friends!
    2. Drinking at the local dive bar!
    3. Dancing the night away!
    4. I’m already asleep!
    5. Crying softly to myself under the blankets!
    6. Playing video games!
  3. 3. Choose a color!
    1. Green!
    2. Blue!
    3. Red!
    4. Yellow!
    5. Pink!
    6. Black!
  4. 4. What's your dream house?
    1. An italian villa!
    2. A nice cabin in the woods!
    3. A quaint house in the suburbs!
    4. A beautiful loft in the city!
    5. An igloo!
    6. A tent!
  5. 5. Choose a '90s Nickelodeon show!
    1. Doug!
    2. Ren & Stimpy!
    3. Rocko’s Modern Life!
    4. Rugrats!
    5. Hey Arnold!
    6. Guts!
  6. 6. What is your most prized possession?
    1. My phone!
    2. My car!
    3. My computer!
    4. A keepsake from my deceased grandma!
    5. A signed photograph!
    6. Material possessions are meaningless! Give them up!
  7. 7. What concert would you most like to go to?
    1. Kanye West!
    2. Beyonce!
    3. Mumford & Sons!
    4. Daft Punk!
    5. Vampire Weekend!
    6. The New York Philharmonic!
  8. 8. Pick an animal!
    1. Cat!
    2. Dog!
    3. Lemur!
    4. A non-descript lizard!
    5. A bird!
    6. Fish!

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