The 23 Most Awkward Moments In High-Five History

Ban high fives.

1. The Eye Five Disaster:

2. The Even A Fist Pump Can’t Save You Disaster:

3. The Your Team Hates You Disaster:

4. The So Alone Disaster:

6. The Loneliest Man Disaster:

7. The Joseph Gordon Levitt Disaster:

8. The Smiling But Actually Dead Inside Disaster:

9. The Fist Bump Disaster:

10. The Grab And Go Disaster:

11. The Double Denial Disaster:

12. The Eye Five, Part II Disaster:

13. The Four Way Disaster:

14. The Hair Fixing Disaster:

15. The Invisible Man Disaster:

16. The “I’ve Just Got An Itch” Disaster:

17. The Double Miss Disaster:

18. The Run-Around Disaster:

19. The “I Think You Just Killed A Man” Disaster:

20. The Patriotic Disaster:


21. The Eye Five, Part III Disaster:

22. The Businessmen Disaster:

23. And the Lifetime Of Shame Disaster:

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