38 Ways To Tell If You Had The Best Childhood EVER

So, did you?

1. Did you master this hallowed instrument in elementary school?

ID: 868422

2. Did you have your tongue destroyed by mango sour Altoids?

ID: 868356

3. Did this “Land Before Time Scene” really make you want to chow down on a leaf?

ID: 868416

4. Do you still get unreasonably excited when you see these?

ID: 868425

5. Do you still remember the smell of fresh, clean Koosh?

ID: 868445

6. Are you currently in a bidding war on eBay for one of these toys?

ID: 869054

7. Do you recognize this as the international sign for “maybe I’ll have another sandwich”?

ID: 869655

8. Are these three your own personal dream team?

ID: 868468

9. Did you have an unhealthy amount of orange tapes?

ID: 868475

10. Or little gold books?

ID: 868476

11. Did you make beautiful works of art like this?

ID: 868497

12. Or this?

ID: 869136

13. Did you ever “smoke” a pretzel?

ID: 868513

14. Have you always wanted to climb this baby?

ID: 868516

15. Was this in every doctor’s or dentist’s office you ever waited in?

ID: 868505

16. Do you spend every day wishing this was back on TV?

ID: 868471

17. Are you still terrified by all of these?

ID: 868549

18. Does seeing this make you worried about late fees?

ID: 868684

19. Is this still one of your favorite games?

ID: 868525

20. Do you still remember which color smells best? Hint: it isn’t brown.

ID: 868691

21. Did this guy help you feel better when you were sick?

ID: 868693

22. Can you identify the eggs in this oatmeal?

ID: 868489

23. Did you attend at least one birthday party at Discovery Zone?

ID: 868702

24. Do you miss these foods every day?

ID: 868695

25. And these drinks too?

ID: 868696

26. Do you still think this guy is a huge douche?

ID: 868741

27. Did you think jewelry that made it look like you were being strangled was cool at some point?

ID: 868436

28. Do you believe that there is no finer literature than these books?

ID: 868658

29. Does seeing this make your mouth water?

ID: 868749

30. Do you still get teary-eyed when watching these moments?

ID: 869203

31. Or pumped up just by seeing this movie poster?

ID: 869157

32. Do you still get excited when you enter a room with one of these in it?

ID: 868752

33. Do you still think there’s no sweeter feeling than this?

ID: 869137

34. Are you still in love with any of the people below?

ID: 868993

35. Do you know how many times Repair Man says “man” when introducing himself?

It’s five.

ID: 869099

36. Do these look less like clothes and more like perfect hiding spots to you?

ID: 869100

37. Do you wish you could throw out all your silverware just for one of these color-changing spoons?

ID: 869146
  1. 38. Now, let's see how you did: Did you answer "yes" to any of those questions?
    1. YES
    2. NO Come on, really?
ID: 869582

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