17 Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Look Cool In Front Of Your Friends

Mainly because you’re a big ol’ doofus, anyway.

1. Because you forgot to wear a belt:

ID: 3594996

2. Because you’re on national television:

ID: 3595007

3. Because those chips aren’t even that expensive, anyway:

ID: 3595200

4. Because that wall isn’t as strong as you think it is:

ID: 3595340

5. Because sand is a lot harder than you last remembered:

ID: 3595348

6. Because no one wants to see you kiss a turtle:

ID: 3595477

7. Because those skis are too expensive:

ID: 3595516

8. Because fence backflips never go as planned:

ID: 3595585

9. Because your dance moves will go horribly wrong:

ID: 3594988

10. Because stairs exist for a reason:

ID: 3594991

11. Because your shirt will betray you:

ID: 3594953

12. Because there’s nothing exciting about dock tricks:

ID: 3595183

13. Because dancing and television never go well together:

ID: 3595202

14. Again, because of stairs:

ID: 3595441

15. Because you’re making a special delivery:

ID: 3595616

16. Because what are you possibly hoping to accomplish?

ID: 3595480

17. And because your trick isn’t that cool anyway:

ID: 3595555

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