26 Important Reminders Why Birth Control Exists

In case you forgot.

1. Because no one should wake up like this in the morning:

ID: 3260460

2. Or like this in the afternoon:

ID: 3260464

3. Because toothpaste should never be a decoration:

ID: 3260425

4. Because pillows shouldn’t be disrespected like this:

ID: 3260426

5. Because not everything is waterproof:

ID: 3260433

6. Because peanut butter is not an effective way to paint the kitchen:

ID: 3260434

7. Because keyboard keys are not meant to be used as currency:

ID: 3260435

8. Because no one’s walls should look like this:

ID: 3260437

9. Because a present to the face is the worst kind of Christmas present:

ID: 3260441

10. Because shirts don’t work like this:

ID: 3260443

11. Because your carpet doesn’t look better in blue:

ID: 3260448

12. Because no one needs this kind of car decal:

ID: 3260452

13. Because this is terrifying:

ID: 3260454

14. Because your physical well-being is important:

ID: 3260455

15. Because no one needs to go through this war zone:

ID: 3260457

16. Because you really need to watch your shows:

ID: 3260465

17. Because you need a coffee more than anything else in the world:

ID: 3260466

18. Because no one should have to deal with this:

ID: 3260428

19. Because this poor stuffed animal did nothing to deserve this:

ID: 3260442

20. Because of the laws of physics:

ID: 3261937

21. Because a shovel is not part of a balanced diet:

ID: 3260444

22. Because you’ve got places to go:

ID: 3260472

23. Because no one should look this joyous around chalk body lines:

ID: 3260445

24. Because markers don’t make a good computer stylus:

ID: 3260449

25. Because of the poor, poor retail workers of the world:

ID: 3260430

26. Because magazines are for reading, not for flushing:

ID: 3260436

But mostly for your own sanity.

ID: 3261930

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