40 People (And Animals) Who Are Living The Best Life Ever


1. This chimp

…dreamed of sticking it to the MAN.

ID: 282941

2. This dog

…dreamed of finally discovering the true meaning of cupcakes.

ID: 282977

3. This owl

…dreamed of finally just being herself, man.

ID: 282876

4. This horse’s butt

…dreamed of making the camera focus on what’s REALLY important.

ID: 282909

5. This kid’s older brother

…dreamed of making older brothers all over the world proud.

ID: 282881

6. This cat

ID: 282942

And this polar bear

…dreamed of taking the PERFECT MySpace profile pic.

ID: 282912

7. This walrus eating a fruitcake

…dreamed of being the only thing in the world that likes fruitcake.

ID: 282891

8. These three kids

…dreamed of proving that Harry Potter was, in fact, based on actual events.

ID: 282882

9. This cat

…dreamed of exploring the third dimension.

ID: 282943

10. Anyone that does this

ID: 282886

Or this

ID: 282898

Especially this

…dreamed of perfecting the fine art of drinking in public.

ID: 282923

11. These cats

ID: 282870

…dreamed of placing first and second in the 2012 Cat Hide and Go Seek Northeast Regionals.

ID: 282972

12. This polar bear that found watermelon

…dreamed of making sure he got in all his major food groups.

ID: 282893

13. Lil Tee

…dreamed of knowing that when someone asks you your “street name,” you should be honest.

ID: 282883

14. This pug with pug slippers

…dreamed of being a fashion GOD.

ID: 282896

15. Any kid in school that walks into a classroom with this in it

…dreamed that today would be the best class EVER.

ID: 282885

16. This sassy walrus

ID: 282897

And this sassy starfish

ID: 282947

And also this sassy manta ray

…dreamed of just, you know, being fetch.

ID: 282906

17. This guy relaxing during a fight

…dreamed of knowing that beer is more important than safety.

ID: 282872

18. These dogs on swings

ID: 282899

…dreamed of enjoying the finer parts of childhood.

ID: 282902

19. This lady

…dreamed of achieving MAXIMUM AFRO.

ID: 282905

20. This kid

…dreamed of knowing how grocery shopping should be done.

ID: 282910

21. This peacock

…dreamed of being the first bird to ever scare a giraffe.

ID: 282911

22. This lady

…dreamed of being way, way more badass than any of us could ever hope to be.

ID: 282878

23. This dude

ID: 282913

And this little guy

…dreamed of being so dang cool.

ID: 282940

24. This little girl

…dreamed of of having a teacher related to Walter White.

ID: 282890

25. This duo

…dreamed of starting the first human-cat hardcore screamo band.

ID: 282914

26. This horse

…dreamed of being ridden by Prince Harry and CAN’T BELIEVE IT.

ID: 282917

27. This bear

ID: 282944

And this elephant

…dreamed of giving you the proper goodbye.

ID: 282960

28. This cat

…dreamed of making PAPER.

ID: 282920

29. This sloth

…dreamed of becoming the first member of his family to graduate from college.

ID: 282869

30. Michael Jackson

…dreamed of giving us yet another picture I just can’t explain

ID: 282925

31. This guy who doesn’t know how to tell animals from eachother

…dreamed of making lions and bears a whole lot cuter.

ID: 282889

32. Anne Sellors

…dreamed of taking the hard hitting, tough, life-changing roles.

ID: 282926

33. These kids

…dreamed of becoming a table. I mean, COME ON.

ID: 282931

34. Ice-T

…dreamed of being the two things everyone loves.

ID: 282933

35. This kid

…dreamed of making concert pictures worthwhile.

ID: 282934

36. These dogs

…dreamed of opening a family owned small business.

ID: 282935

37. This baby

…dreamed of realizing his mistake the morning after.

ID: 282936

38. These two big nerds

…dreamed of finally finding their soulmates.

ID: 282938

39. This sleeping cat

…dreamed of having the best dream ever.

ID: 282949

40. And this baby

Isn’t it obvious?

ID: 282922

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