• 1. Snoop Dogg

    Banned from the United Kingdom for his extensive criminal record. (Source)

  • 2. Paris Hilton

    Banned from Japan for drug possession. (Source)

  • 3. Brad Pitt

    Banned in China for his move “7 Years In Tibet.” (Source)

  • 4. Akon

    Banned from Sri Lanka because of the music video for his song “Sexy Chick.” (Source)

  • 5. Harrison Ford

    Banned from China for his support of Tibet. (Source)

  • 6. Alec Baldwin

    Banned from the Philippines after making a joke about mail-order brides from the area. (Source)

  • 7. Martin Scorsese

    Banned from China for directing the movie “Kundun.” (Source)

  • 8. Yusaf Islam (Cat Stevens)

    Banned from the USA until 2008 after appearing on the no-fly list. (Source)

  • 9. Beyonce

    Banned from Malaysia for being a bit too risque. (Source)

  • 10. Miley Cyrus

    Banned from China for posting this “slanty-eyed” picture. Miley is in the middle. (Source)

  • 11. Richard Gere

    Banned from China for his support of Tibet. (Source)

  • 12. Boy George

    Banned from the USA after being arrested for using a male escort. (Source)

  • 13. Martha Stewart

    Banned from the UK for obstructing justice. (Source)

  • 14. Gary Glitter

    Banned from every country except the UK for being a registered sex offender. (Source)

  • 15. Amy Winehouse

    Banned from the USA for drug convictions/beating up a fan. (Source)

  • 16. Chris Brown

    Banned from the UK after his felony assault charges against Rihanna. (Source)

  • 17. Bjork

    Banned in China for her support of Tibet. (Source)

  • 18. Nelson Mandella

    Classified as a terrorist until 2008 and therefore banned from the USA until then. (Source)

  • 19. Jerry Lee Lewis

    Banned from the UK for marrying his cousin. (Source)

  • 20. The Beatles

    Banned from the Philippines for upsetting the nation’s first lady. (Source)

  • 21. Jay-Z

    Banned from China for vulgar lyrics. (Source)

  • 22. The Clash

    Banned from East Germany for “inflammatory” lyrics. (Source)

  • 23. Diego Maradona

    Banned from Japan for drugs. (Source)

  • 24. Hayden Panettiere

    Not technically banned, but an arrest warrant is out for her in Japan for interrupting a dolphin hunt. (Source)

  • 25. Lily Allen

    Banned in the USA for beating up a photographer. (Source)

  • 26. The Rolling Stones

    Banned from Japan for drugs (what else?). (Source)

  • 27. Snoop Dogg Again

    Banned from Australia in 2007 for - you guessed it - an extensive criminal record. (Source)

  • 28. Joey Cheek

    Banned in China for supporting Darfur. (Source)

  • 29. Oasis

    Banned in China because Noel Gallagher took part in a Free Tibet concert. (Source)

  • 30. MIA

    Banned in the USA (allegedly) for her controversial lyrics concerning Sri Lanka (Source)

  • 31. Lindsay Lohan

    In danger of being banned from India for failing to obtain a work visa. (Source)

  • 32. Busta Rhymes

    Banned in the UK for assault and weapons charges. (Source)

  • 33. Michael Savage

    Banned from the UK for provoking “violence” and “invoking hatred.” (Source)

  • 34. Spencer Pratt

    Banned from Costa Rica for illegal weapons possession. (Source)

  • 35. 50 Cent

    Banned in Canada for promoting violence. (Source)

  • 36. Lady Gaga

    Banned from Malaysia for her “gay” lyrics. Not cool, Malaysia. (Source)

  • 37. Snoop Dogg (Times Three)

    Yup, Snoop again. Add Netherlands to the list. Nuthin’ but an extensive criminal record thing, baby. (Source)