27 Reasons Why Vladimir Putin Definitely Won The Russian Presidential Election

A lot of people are saying that Vladimir Putin tampered with the results or somehow unfairly won the Russian presidency. Well, this should set the record straight.

1. He takes Tic-Tac-Toe very seriously

ID: 152770

2. He’ll arm wrestle you - anytime, anywhere

ID: 152853

3. He understands your horse’s problem

ID: 152776

4. He knows how to hug a dog

ID: 152778

5. He pioneered shirtless Ping-Pong

ID: 152785

6. His favorite past-time is beating up children

ID: 152798

7. Every time he walks away from something you expect it to blow up

ID: 152773

8. He can clean your teeth

ID: 152807

9. He loves to dress up with George Bush

ID: 152790

10. He cares about his fans

ID: 152809

11. He also knows what your bird is going through

ID: 152854

12. He doesn’t care about your fears

ID: 152771

13. He’ll make you a new mug

ID: 152793

14. He’s constantly surprised

ID: 152789

15. He dresses to impress

ID: 152782

16. He’s best friends with Michael Flately

ID: 152788

17. He loves it when you listen to his heartbeat

ID: 152814

18. He also pioneered shirtless fishing

ID: 152826

19. He isn’t afraid to let you know what he thinks

ID: 152818

20. He’s a friend of the ocean

ID: 152841

21. He WILL pile-drive you

ID: 152811

22. He might be the bad guy from “The Matrix”

ID: 152898

23. He’s stronger than you - even with a dog watching

ID: 152844

24. He’ll nurse you back to health

ID: 152856

25. He doesn’t care about your dumb meeting

ID: 152858

26. He’ll whisper sweet nothings to you

ID: 152846

27. This.

ID: 152780

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