21 Reasons Why Saying Goodbye Is Most Awkward Thing In The World

Saying goodbye is the worst.

1. First off, do you go for a high five? A handshake? A hug?!

2. Is it possible to do both?

No. No It’s not.

3. And fist bumps never cut it either.

Nope, that’s terrible too.

4. It’s impossible to get everyone on the same page. No one knows what to do:

5. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion:

6. I mean, what is going on here?

8. Who takes the high road? Who takes the low road?


11. What if the other person doesn’t see you going for the goodbye?

12. What if you’re left there cold and alone?

13. What if your gesture of good will gets completely ignored?

14. Is a kiss appropriate in this situation?

NOPE. It never is.

15. What if the other person doesn’t want a hug?

16. What if YOU don’t want a hug?!

17. What if you get trapped in a hug for way too long?

18. Or even worse: what if the other person’s back is super sweaty and gross?

19. What happens if someone is wayyyy too excited to say goodbye? Do you value your eyes? BECAUSE I DO:

20. But it’s still not over. What happens if you mess up the walk away from them?

21. And don’t even get me started about actually LEAVING the place.

Oh no. OH NO.

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basically this:
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