21 Reasons Why Saying Goodbye Is Most Awkward Thing In The World

Saying goodbye is the worst.

1. First off, do you go for a high five? A handshake? A hug?!

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2. Is it possible to do both?

No. No It’s not.

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3. And fist bumps never cut it either.

Nope, that’s terrible too.

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4. It’s impossible to get everyone on the same page. No one knows what to do:

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5. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion:

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6. I mean, what is going on here?

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8. Who takes the high road? Who takes the low road?

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10. WHERE?!?!?!

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11. What if the other person doesn’t see you going for the goodbye?

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12. What if you’re left there cold and alone?

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13. What if your gesture of good will gets completely ignored?

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14. Is a kiss appropriate in this situation?

NOPE. It never is.

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15. What if the other person doesn’t want a hug?

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16. What if YOU don’t want a hug?!

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17. What if you get trapped in a hug for way too long?

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18. Or even worse: what if the other person’s back is super sweaty and gross?

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19. What happens if someone is wayyyy too excited to say goodbye? Do you value your eyes? BECAUSE I DO:

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20. But it’s still not over. What happens if you mess up the walk away from them?

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21. And don’t even get me started about actually LEAVING the place.

Oh no. OH NO.

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