20 Supporting Characters From ’90s TV Shows Then And Now

Though they never carried the show, they all carried a very special place in our hearts. Also, they’ll make you feel really old.

1. Stevie from “Malcolm In The Middle”

ID: 193090

2. Beans from “Even Stevens”

ID: 192987

3. Sam from “Clarissa Explains It All”

ID: 192990

4. Lori Beth Denberg from “All That”

ID: 192956

5. Donkey Lips from “Salute Your Shorts”

ID: 192957

6. Marc Summers from “Double Dare”

ID: 192964

7. Principal Belding from “Saved By The Bell”

ID: 192975

8. Brad Taylor from “Home Improvement”

ID: 192966

9. Ellen from “The Adventures Of Pete And Pete”

Photo on the right via Warming Glow by Nadia Chaudhury.

ID: 192952

10. Hunter Reeves from “The Secret World Of Alex Mack”

ID: 192973

11. Minkus from “Boy Meets World”

ID: 192979

12. Ferguson from “Clarissa Explains It All”

ID: 192954

13. Kimmy Gibler from “Full House”

ID: 192980

14. Harvey from “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”

ID: 192984

15. Dewey from “Malcolm In The Middle”

ID: 192986

16. Gary from “Are You Afraid Of The Dark”

ID: 192997

17. Lizzie’s younger brother Matt from “Lizzie McGuire”

ID: 192989

18. Paul from “The Wonder Years”

ID: 192991

19. Brendan from “Step By Step”

ID: 192995

20. Olmec from “Legends Of The Hidden Temple”

ID: 193000

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