12 Ways To Look Like You’re Absolutely Insane

It’s just so easy.

1. Eat vanilla pudding out of a mayonaise jar:

ID: 442010

2. Drink gatorade out of a Windex bottle:

ID: 442033

3. Eat frosting out of a toothpaste tube:

ID: 442005

4. Drink strawberry milk out of a Pepto Bismol bottle:

ID: 442006

5. Drink water out of a vodka bottle:

ID: 442007

6. Eat Tics Tacs out of an Aspirin bottle:

ID: 442004

7. Eat white chocolate out of a deodorant stick:

ID: 442008

8. Drink grape juice out of a mouthwash bottle:

ID: 442090

9. Eat nutella out of a diaper:

ID: 442009

10. Drink apple juice out of a syrup bottle:

Or whiskey!

ID: 442050

11. Drink Kool-Aid out of an anti-freeze container:

ID: 442067

12. And be Tom Cruise:

Be careful with this one, it’s dangerous.

ID: 442201

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