12 Times Your Cat Was Just Done With You

You played, had some laughs but you teased/bugged/dressed up that cat one time too many and now it’s done with you.

1. You thought this was funny, your cat wanted to cut you.

2. You bought an adorable puppy and didn’t rein it in.

3. When your cat just needed some time away from you.

4. You messed with gravity and didn’t even warn it.

5. When it tried so hard to impress you and you didn’t care.

6. When you didn’t ask if it was OK to take it’s picture.

7. You didn’t listen when it wanted to just be friends.

8. When you had no respect for its privacy.

9. You didn’t ask it’s permission to get another cat.

10. You do things like this and expect love in return.

11. You don’t control your children.

12. It senses you would have preferred a dog.

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