Hitler Vs Vader: The Rap Battle Rematch

Who won? Well, we did. The lyrics are sharper, the style more refined and Hitler has never sounded quite so much like Eminem before, which is a good look for him. But seriously, given how it ends. it looks like another victory for Lord Vader. Shame he wasn’t there to back British PM David Cameron’s verbal jousting with his own European foes this week. Instead of looking like a defiant, defeated little boy lost after throwing Britain’s toys out of the pram, he might have emerged with slightly more dignity. And he could have built a Death Star or something - just imagine the boost to the economy that such a huge amount of construction jobs would bring in…! [VIA SWTor Strategies ]

ust over a year ago, we brought you the greatest Rap Battle face-off since B-Rabbit faced those other ridiculously named made-up rappers in 8 Mile, as the two darkest Dark Lords faced over across a mic, spitting ill and questioning each other’s sexual orientation and the moral integrity of one another’s mothers. And now the men behind the first video have returned with a second season of Epic Rap Battles of History, thawing out Adolf Hitler in the process for a tent-pole curtain raising rematch against Darth Vader. It all started with a teaser…

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