19 Reasons Costa Rica’s Having More Fun Than The Rest Of Us

Two words: Pura. Vida.

2. If you lived in Costa Rica, you’d always have great surf nearby.

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3. A walk through your neighborhood would look like this.

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4. And every night, you’d watch sunsets like this.

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5. All while eating feasts like this.

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6. And drinking one of the best beers in the world.

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7. How could you not be happy when your neighbors look like this?

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9. How magical is Costa Rica? Here, the chocolate literally grows on trees.

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10. Even the sloths are insanely happy.

Costa Rica’s home to one of the biggest sloth sanctuaries in the world.

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Looking good, guys!

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12. Here, people are always outdoors, doing amazing things.

Like going on canopy tours, which are really popular in Costa Rica.

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13. It’s no surprise that with a country like this, Costa Rica’s also of the greenest countries on Earth.

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14. And one of the best places in the world to go diving.

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16. And there’s one more reason to be excited about Costa Rica: If you lived here, you’d be celebrating the Ticos.

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17. Who won Group D, and then beat Greece to make the round of eight.

AP Photo/Petr David Josek
ID: 3187140

18. We get it Costa Rica. Your country is pretty amazing — both on and off the fields.

AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan
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19. No matter what happens in this World Cup, we know: You’ve already won.

AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan
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