We, As A Nation, Have Run Out Of Things To Say About The NFL Draft

There are no more #hottakes to be had.

Chris McGrath / Getty Images
ID: 2904512

2. So it’s finally happened. The day has finally come.

ID: 2904426

3. The day we ran out of clichés to discuss.

ID: 2904429

4. The day we ran out news to share.

ID: 2904455

5. The day we ran of things to say.

ID: 2904456

6. We have been pushed this far.

ID: 2904459

7. But no further.

ID: 2904464

8. There is nothing left for us.

ID: 2904470

9. Nothing here, in this pre-draft wasteland.

ID: 2904473

10. No more headlines.

ID: 2904476

11. No more noise.

ID: 2904482

12. Please just let this end.

ID: 2904488

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