Old Bay Seasoning Is A Gift From The Gods

It goes on crabs. It goes on fries. It goes on everything. It is all-purpose and always tasty. It is all you will ever need.

1. Can we talk for a second about what’s inside here?

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2. Inside this box is the best, purest, most amazing substance on Earth. It is not merely a spice. It transcends spice. It is insulted by the label “spice.”

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3. This is Old Bay Seasoning we’re talking about here. It is perfection. If there is a God, Old Bay is proof that God obviously spent his/her formative years somewhere near the Chesapeake Bay.

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4. Do you know what Old Bay goes great on? It tastes amazing on chips.

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5. On popcorn.

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7. Have you ever put Old Bay on french fries or potato wedges before? If not, prepare yourself, because you’re about to have your MIND BLOWN.

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8. It’s great when you’re cooking on the grill.

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9. It’s life-changing on eggs.

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10. And it’s best of all on crabs. Old Bay with crabs is a magical experience. Words cannot describe it.

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11. Maybe you’re thinking, “Couldn’t I just sprinkle some salt and pepper and paprika on my food? Won’t that be pretty much the same thing as Old Bay?”

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12. And the answer is: NO, OF COURSE NOT. Old Bay is made in a factory with, like, fairy dust or something. It is amazing and cannot be recreated by mere man.

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13. This is the kind of spice you give that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Or hand out as party favors.

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14. You DIY with it.

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15. You dress up as it for Halloween.

ID: 1651255

16. You knew at an early age that this was the only seasoning you’d ever need.

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17. And you’re just as hardcore as ever about it. You crave its scent. You long for that feeling you get when it hits your tongue.

ID: 1651266

18. Heck, you’d dedicate your wedding cake to it.

ID: 1651275

19. Because this is all you really need for dinner.

ID: 1651280

20. Because this is the truth spoken from on high.

ID: 1651283

21. And when you think of love, you’ll always see this.

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