Team USA Visited The White House And Took A Ton Of Selfies

Another reminder that Olympians are just like us. Set all Instagram filters to gold.

1. Team USA is in Washington, D.C., for a visit to the White House, and they’re showing off their excitement the only way Olympians can.

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2. With a ton of fantastically goofy photos.

That’s luger Kate Hansen with skiiers Julia Krass, Maggie Voisin, and Annalisa Drew.

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3. And some incredibly good selfies.

St. Patrick’s Day is over, Sage Kotsenburg, but we’ll allow that suit/hat combo.

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4. The selfies started at an awards show in downtown D.C.

Here’s ice hockey player Amanda Kessel with the selfie skills.

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5. And just continued through the team’s visit to the White House.

USA Hockey’s Hillary Knight, we see you there.

ID: 2722674

That’s snowboarder Nate Holland in the shades, and snowboard coach Peter Foley.

ID: 2722675

That’s Jordan Malone, who won silver in speed skating.

ID: 2722676

Impressive style from snowboarders Alex Deibold and Kotsenburg, and skiier Gus Kenworthy.

ID: 2722677

9. The king of selfies? Figure skater Jason Brown.

ID: 2722682

10. If you have a camera.

ID: 2722685

11. This man will find it.

ID: 2722687

12. And he will take a selfie.

ID: 2722689

13. Any time. Any place.

ID: 2722693

14. The visit wasn’t all selfies, though: Mikaela Shiffrin posed with a torch made of fruits and vegetables.

ID: 2722694

15. Bo and Sunny came out for a stroll with the team.

ID: 2722695

16. There was some light dancing.

Is this — from Kate Hansen and Jazmine Fenlator (bobsled) — the first-ever recorded instance of twerking on the White House lawn?

ID: 2722700

17. Also, importantly: These two ice skating legends were there.

ID: 2722702

18. Johnny Weir: Still got it.

ID: 2722703

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