41 Reasons Waffle House Is The One True Source Of Happiness In The Universe

In a strange world, Waffle House glows like a beacon of hope. A beacon of buttery, fluffy, pecan-and-syrup-topped hope.

1. This is Waffle House, the most wonderful place in the world. You can spot it from a million miles away.

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2. And when you see those letters, you know you’re home.

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3. You step inside. You know you’re in for a magical experience.

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4. And you never know what might happen here! Waffle House is a house of romance.

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5. Love could strike at any time.

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6. Dancing could break out.

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7. You might run into an NBA legend.

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8. Even at 5 AM!

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9. Because this is a magical dream factory where your every wish can come true. Want to see Kid Rock in camo Waffle House swag? Done.

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10. A biker with a purple bowtie around his goatee? Why not!

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11. Here, you can feel like you’re on top of the world.

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12. Here, penguins eat free!*

*Penguins do not eat free at most locations.

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13. Okay, and yes, here, you might not want to use the restrooms.

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14. But that’s not why you’re here! You’re here because all this is, like, $8.

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15. Because they’re there for you, 24 hours a day.

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16. Because who else will cater at 2 AM on a Thursday night?

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17. Because free hats.

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18. Because syrup.

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19. And Casa De Waffle sauce.

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20. And that coffee!

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21. Because no bite is too big to enjoy.

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22. Or too small!

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23. And because what happens at Waffle House stays at Waffle House.

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24. Because here, the employees know all the sexiest places to snap that selfie.

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25. Here, horses park free.

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26. Here, the party wagon just arrived.

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27. And even your waffle is invited.

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28. So throw on your best T-shirt.

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29. Pop a few quarters in the jukebox.

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30. Sidle up to that counter.

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31. Stare out at that griddle.

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32. And say: I want Texas Toast!

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33. I want some hashbrowns scattered, smothered and covered!

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34. I want a waffle!

ID: 912646

35. No, make it a double waffle!

ID: 912652

36. No, a double chocolate waffle!

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37. Why? Because this is the place at the end of the rainbow, and it is MAGIC.

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38. Because… America.

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39. Because this is the truth.

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40. And this is the gospel.

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41. And if someone tries to tell you that some pancake place is better, you know just what to say.

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