29 Ways You Know You Went To Art School

Wait…What’s Greek life?

1. You school had a reject mascot like this…if they even had one.

Scrotie the Nad from The Rhode Island School of Design

ID: 909950

Or this.

The North Carolina School of The Arts Fighting Pickle

ID: 909960

2. You didn’t have a traditional campus.

Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL

ID: 914622

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah GA

ID: 914593

Parsons, New York City, NY

ID: 910031

3. Sports were non-existant.

ID: 913675

But there WERE dancers!!!!

ID: 913745

4. This was your idea of March Madness.

ID: 912391

5. You were often confused about people’s gender.

ID: 912687

6. And unclear if they had places to live.

ID: 912755

7. You called all of your “professors” by their first names.

ID: 912886

8. And sometimes you bought/smoked weed with them.

ID: 914961

9. The theater department ONLY did weird experimental pieces.

ID: 912927

10. There were always more people taking pictures at campus protests than actual protestors.

ID: 913560

as well as musicians!

ID: 913579

11. Your bookstore didn’t actually sell any books.

ID: 913825

12. The only movies you saw were ones your friends made.

ID: 913864

13. And you couldn’t help but notice that EVERYONE in the film department ALWAYS wore a hat.

ID: 913940

14. You could really relate to this movie.

ID: 913516

But not this one.

ID: 913548

15. Someone was ALWAYS trying to get you to buy their screenprint tees.

ID: 914086

16. Many of your classmates refused to use modern technology.

ID: 914389

17. There was a general lack of hygiene on campus.

ID: 914415

18. This included shaving.

ID: 914508

19. This was the most popular footwear option

ID: 917756

20. You didn’t have to take hard and boring math and science classes.

ID: 914815

21. Instead you got away with these classes.

ID: 914906

22. Someone once stole your bike by accident.

ID: 915047

23. You spent every weekend a different department’s gallery reception.

ID: 915090

24. And poetry slams were a big deal.

ID: 915099

25. You went to toga party at a state school once and you felt really out of place.

ID: 915294

26. You wrote exquisite corpses with the creative writing kids for fun.

ID: 915191

27. You tried to make friends with the theater kids but, they were soooo cliquey and only wanted to rehearse.

ID: 915206

28. You could hear these albums blasting from everyone’s dorms. And they were on vinyl ….obviously.

ID: 918081

and this…ironically of course.

ID: 918555

29. You’re unemployed and can’t find a job.

ID: 915218

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