Why Is No-One Talking About The Fact A British Writer Just Won An Emmy?

Abi Morgan won for The Hour. But you wouldn’t know it.

1. Screenwriter Abi Morgan had the sole British win at the Emmy Awards for The Hour.

Mike Blake / Reuters

The BBC newsroom drama won Outstanding Writing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special at the ceremony in Los Angeles last night (September 22).

2. The acclaimed show was dubbed a “British Mad Men” but failed to find an audience and was axed last year after two series.

3. It’s a bit strange, though, that the British media doesn’t seem to have noticed this Emmy triumph.

7. This was Morgan’s acceptance speech.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

“Whoa. Goodness me. This is such an incredible honour. What an amazing group of nominees. I have to thank BBC America, to BBC London. I’d like to thank Ben Stephenson, Lucy Richer and Judd Tatlow. And I’d like to thank Hugh Dolls, the brilliant Jane Featherstone. The brilliant producer Ruth Kenley-Letts. And my fantastic script editor Naomi De Pear. I also have to thank the brilliant cast.

“When I came through immigration, the guy couldn’t quite understand. The very nice immigration man didn’t believe I was coming for the Emmys. And I might be able to show him I did come. So, thank you very much.”

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