Missed Out On Glastonbury? Fear Not, Here Are 16 Other Glastonburies You Can Go To Instead

Tickets for the 2014 festival sold out in record time. But it’s fine because everything is like Glastonbury these days.

1. Glastonbury for Geeks.

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People travelled all over the world to what BBC News presenter described as some kind of tech avalon. They even slept in tents inside the 02 Arena. Although unlike at Glastonbury, George Osborne turned up to make a speech.

2. Glastonbury for Accountants.

Full details of all the carnage, including where to get your caffiene fix, at AccountingWeb.

To be fair to The Tour Of Britain, it did look quite muddy.

7. Glastonbury for Little People.

8. Glastonbury for Chavs.

9. Glastonbury for the Mind.

10. Glastonbury for the Young and Attractive.

11. Glastonbury for Daisies.

12. Glastonbury for the Average Radio 4 Listener.

13. Glastonbury for Greengrocers.

Perhaps a strange way to describe Ben Wheatley’s surreal movie set during the English Civil War, but hey.

With thanks for inspiration to Warren Chrismas.

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