Joanna Lumley Dressed Up As “Game Of Thrones” Because Why Not?

The beloved actress has now added dragon-slaying to her list of many talents.

1. For Sky’s new publicity campaign, Joanna Lumley has dressed up as characters from a selection of classic TV shows.


The pictures are to promote the new Sky Box Sets service, which has just been added to the On Demand service. A load of new box sets will added from October 1.

ID: 1721434

2. Here is Joanna dressed up as druid figure with a beard.


Joanna said: “It was fabulous playing so many of the characters from Sky’s TV Box Sets; it’s not every day you get to audition to be Daenerys Targaryen, mother of Dragons.”

ID: 1721436

3. Although interestingly, none of the pictures actually depict her as Daenerys Targaryen, mother of Dragons.

ID: 1721468

4. Here is Joanna pretending to ride a horse with her acting.

ID: 1721470

5. She also dressed up as a sexy zombie from The Walking Dead.

ID: 1721469

6. As well as a sexy doctor from Grey’s Anatomy.

ID: 1721472

7. And here’s three Joannas as Game Of Thrones characters.


That sword might have come in useful when she was battling for the Gurkhas.

ID: 1721473

8. If they ever added Absolutely Fabulous, things would get incredibly ‘meta’.

ID: 1721496

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