Here’s The First Look At John Hurt In "Doctor Who"

Images from the 50th anniversary have finally been revealed.

1. Fans have been going crazy ever since John Hurt made a shock appearance in May’s cliffhanger as “The Doctor”.


You’ll have to wait ‘til the 50th special next month to find out who or what he’s actually playing, but the BBC have teased us with the first picture of him, inside the current Tardis.

2. Doctor Now, Doctor Then and Doctor Whom?


The Eleventh, the Tenth and the Which will all share scenes together, this shot confirms.

3. But Tennant also shot scenes inside his own old Tardis.


Pop fact: the crew had to go and shoot scenes inside the Doctor Who Experience exhibit in Cardiff, where that set is now housed.

4. Jemma Redgrave is also back.


She first appeared last year as Kate Stewart, the new UNIT boss and the late Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart’s daughter. Here she is with Clara investigating whatever is going on.

5. And here’s the Eleventh, suspended over London from the bottom of the Tardis.


6. Hello, sweetie!


The Day Of The Doctor, Saturday 23 November, BBC One.

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