8 Moments In Lady Gaga’s New Short Film That Make You Worry A Bit For Her Well-Being

She is upset about an “overflow of hate”. So she has fought back with blank stares.

Lady Gaga is upset. We know because she said so on Twitter.

1. So she has channelled this pain into a new ARTPOP short film.

Haus Of Gaga

She explains at the start, “It’s my pain exploding in electronic music.”

2. She fights back, showing how many different looks she has.

Haus Of Gaga

Because her ARTPOP could mean anything.

3. She fights back with blank stares.

Haus Of Gaga

4. And backs away demurely into the middle distance.

Haus Of Gaga

5. But still she looks so sad.

Haus Of Gaga

6. Such feelings.

Haus Of Gaga

7. Still, she can fight back with spooky eyepieces.

Haus Of Gaga

8. And by looking grand and imperial.

Haus Of Gaga

Because Lady Gaga will not let the haters bring her down.

Or maybe thats what entertainment is now. It's more fun to point & laugh than appreciate the artist. I'll keep rehearsing my steps #showbiz

— ladygaga (@Lady Gaga)

Stay strong, Lady Gaga.

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