29 Reasons Why Mark Gatiss Is A National Treasure

The ultimate Englishman?

1. There aren’t many people you could get away with calling a ‘national treasure’.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

2. These people would probably qualify.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

Toby Cantram / Getty Images

Chris Jackson

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images


3. But Gatiss should too. He’s one quarter of The League Of Gentlemen.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

4. But actually, most people’s favourite quarter.

5. He was Mickey from the Job Centre.

6. And he was Val Denton.


“Semen is such a persistent stain.”

7. And he was Iris the cleaning lady.

8. And he was Hillary Briss the demon butcher.

9. He’s one of the driving forces behind some little sci-fi show you may have heard of.


10. He wrote The Crimson Horror from this year’s series, and that was one of the best.


11. As well as Cold War, the one with the Ice Warrior on the submarine.


Which wasn’t quite as good but still pretty ace with it.

12. He’s written a drama about the show’s origins for the 50th anniversary in November.

Via BBC/Hal Shinners

David Bradley stars as First Doctor actor William Hartnell in An Adventure In Space And Time and just look how amazing this photograph is.

13. Because he’s a fan.

Amazing to think that I watched the last episode of 'Planet of the Spiders' without even knowing Jon Pertwee was leaving! I was devastated.

— Markgatiss (@Mark Gatiss)

14. A proper fan.

And now a whole young audience who've only known and loved the brilliant Matt Smith are about to go through the same exquisite trauma!

— Markgatiss (@Mark Gatiss)

15. And not one of these old school fans who just likes to moan about everything.

Thrilling, moving, beyond exciting. Cometh the hour, cometh the man! Peter Capaldi is the PERFECT choice. Welcome, Doctor!

— Markgatiss (@Mark Gatiss)

16. Did we mention he also co-created Sherlock?


17. In which he also plays Mycroft?


18. In 2006 he played Bamber Gascoigne from University Challenge.


In the BBC/HBO movie Starter For 10 alongside Alice Eve, James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch and Elaine Tan.

19. Sherlock ain’t his only detective crush.


He’s guest-starred in Poirot as well as writing three episodes, you know.

20. And let’s not forget the time he did Joan Crawford on Psychobitches.

21. Also he wrote the Lucifer Box books.

Simon and Schuster

22. Dude has class.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

23. Although thankfully, not too much.

Frederick M Brown / Getty Images

24. He’s out and proud and in the public eye.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

25. This, incidentally, is the Kinsey Scale.

Photobucket, Cayden McCutie

26. And he uses his position to campaign against injustice.

Getty Images

27. You kind of have to adore this as well.

29. And so global fame beckons. Well done sir!

Sion Touhlg / Getty Images

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