22 Depressing Homophobic Responses To Tom Daley’s Coming-Out Video

A quick search of Twitter reveals some grim realities.

This morning, diving star Tom Daley revealed that he is in a relationship with a man.

Getty / Clive Rose

His announcement was greeted with widespread support. Unfortunately, some of the reaction provided a grim reminder of how much anti-gay hate is still rife. Here are some of the most disturbing.

1. The f-word was used a lot.


Tom Daley announces he's a fag... In other news, water is wet

— JamieBlee2 (@Jamie Blee)

Lmao ahahaha tom daley was a fag before he came out of Narnia, he's a bigger fag now

— Skobisco (@Solid Snake)

I knew Tom Daley was a fag

— JamieWallker (@Jamie Walker)

Jesus Christ let's be realistic anybody who thought that Tom Daley wasn't a fag, has been in more denial than the guy himself..

— LukeTurner_5 (@Luke Turner)

Tom Daley is gay I am now ashamed of my country ew we can't have a bloody fag representing us

— alItomyself (@ )

So tom daley has finally came out the little fag

— LewisDawson16 (@Lewis Dawson)

hahahaha tom daley always look like a gay fag to me aha !!

— 0SAIDS (@)

10. The hate speech was not limited to “fag” either.

Tom daley has came out tht hes a battyman loool fucking queer

— adambelcher20 (@Adam Belcher)

Tom daley queer cunt!

— london_casuals (@LONDON CASUALS)

12. Some people were weirdly creative about it.

Psssst, Tom Daley is a dirty fart puncher, pass it on

— SheWantTheRam_Z (@Ben Ramsay)

Tom Daley's a dirty queer....#shock

— conmcken (@Conor Mc Kenna)

I called Tom Daley being a big dirty bender about 2 years ago #alwaysright

— Cam_jamieson (@Cameron Jamieson)

Whys ppl surprised about tom daley been gay . Ive never seen a bigger faggot. He walks round the pool with constant boner

— josh04678858 (@josh wood)

everybody is shocked about tom daley being gay haha he's a proper faggot wasn't it a bit obvious

— RileyJr_ (@ЯIᄂΣY JЦПIӨЯ)

"@TomDaley1994: Got something I need to say...not been an easy decision to make, hope you can support me! :) http://t.co/xSmUNkaeuE" faggot

— stfujamaal (@ayyy jamaal)

18. Some people were shocking in their directness.

You just lost a fan, go to hell!!! faggot @TomDaley1994

— NoamiCampbell (@1)

Bit obvious Tom Daley was gay he speaks like a faggot

— LewisCAFC_NJR92 (@Neymar_)

Tom Daley has come out as gay. Eeeee Faggot!

— RockTomFord (@Ali)

Tom Daley uno i was cheering for this faggot in the olympics aswell.. Na bro you went out wrong maaan .. Bent angle

— HM_PSE (@H)

22. Where we still are in 2013:

Haha Tom Daley you big faggot what a nob posting a video, and people saying it's brave leave it out, liking a mans bum isn't flipping brave

— Asif_Ilyas (@Asif Ilyas)

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