22 Depressing Homophobic Responses To Tom Daley’s Coming-Out Video

A quick search of Twitter reveals some grim realities. posted on

This morning, diving star Tom Daley revealed that he is in a relationship with a man.

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Got something I need to say...not been an easy decision to make, hope you can support me! :) http://t.co/oOrDEiChGd

His announcement was greeted with widespread support. Unfortunately, some of the reaction provided a grim reminder of how much anti-gay hate is still rife. Here are some of the most disturbing.

1. The f-word was used a lot.

Woahhhh. Tom Daley is gay? Noooo wayyy, never would've believed it... Jokes. He's been a fag from early.


Lmao ahahaha tom daley was a fag before he came out of Narnia, he's a bigger fag now


Jesus Christ let's be realistic anybody who thought that Tom Daley wasn't a fag, has been in more denial than the guy himself..


Tom Daley is gay I am now ashamed of my country ew we can't have a bloody fag representing us


hahahaha tom daley always look like a gay fag to me aha !!

10. The hate speech was not limited to “fag” either.

12. Some people were weirdly creative about it.


Whys ppl surprised about tom daley been gay . Ive never seen a bigger faggot. He walks round the pool with constant boner


everybody is shocked about tom daley being gay haha he's a proper faggot wasn't it a bit obvious


"@TomDaley1994: Got something I need to say...not been an easy decision to make, hope you can support me! :) http://t.co/xSmUNkaeuE" faggot

18. Some people were shocking in their directness.


Tom Daley uno i was cheering for this faggot in the olympics aswell.. Na bro you went out wrong maaan .. Bent angle

22. Where we still are in 2013:

Haha Tom Daley you big faggot what a nob posting a video, and people saying it's brave leave it out, liking a mans bum isn't flipping brave

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