Epic Music Collaborations From The Late 90s/Early 00s You Probably Forgot About

If rainbows and unicorns made a noise…it would sound like these.

1. Celine Dion ft. R Kelly “I’m Your Angel”

Via youtube.com

Before R was trapped in a closet he was rocking power suits aside Canada’s vocal angel.

2. Mariah Carey ft. Whitney Houston “When You Believe”

Via youtube.com

Or is it Whitney feat Mariah? Who can tell when two powerhouse divas collide!

3. Gloria Estefan ft. Nsync “Music of My Heart”

Via youtube.com

From the Music of My Heart soundtrack. Dur.

4. All-Star Tribute “What’s Going On”

Via youtube.com

Britney, Beyonce, Nelly, J. Lo, , Wyclef….Fred Durst? Where is he these days?

5. Bravo All-Stars “Let the Music Heal Your Soul”

Via youtube.com

Be still my beating teenage heart.

6. Usher ft. Alicia Keys “My Boo”

Via youtube.com

Making sweet sounds in Times Square well before she dueted with Jay.

7. Mariah Carey ft. Joe & 98 Degrees “Thank God I Found You”

Via vevo.com

Screw Coachcella. Bring me to whatever magical concert this is.

8. Ricky Martin ft. Christina Aguilera “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely”

Via youtube.com

En fuego.

9. Allure ft. 112 “All Cried Out”

Via youtube.com

The official 7th grade school dance slow jam.

10. Nelly ft. Tim McGraw

Via youtube.com

Country Grammar meets country.

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