This Is Cheesecake, The Capybara Who Adopts Orphaned Puppies

If this doesn’t make you smile, you have no soul.

The puppies were put in a plastic bin and dumped behind a church. Luckily they were discovered and given over to Cheesecake for parenting.

ID: 1002559

4. Look at them smizing for the camera.

ID: 1002567

5. My heart just exploded.

ID: 1002577

6. Cheesecake loved dogs even as a baby!

ID: 1002622

7. Cheesecake loves ponies too!

ID: 1002629

8. Death from cute.

ID: 1002667

9. As a bonus, here’s a video of 4 month old Cheesecake in the bathtub.

Everything is glorious and nothing hurts.

ID: 1002674

Please check out Rocky Ridge Refuge and donate what you can!

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