The Fossa Is Your New Favorite Animal

It’s like a mixture of a cat and a weasel!

The fossa is a carniverous mammal of the mongoose family native to Madagascar. You totally want to go to Madagascar now, don’t you?

ID: 988604

2. Look at its gigantic baby paws!

ID: 988616

3. Bonding fossa babies!

ID: 988620

5. More babies ahhhhhh!

ID: 988633

6. Look at this beauty.

ID: 988645

7. It’s a fossa on a leash!

ID: 988651

8. Sleepy fossa!

ID: 988669

9. The paws! The tail!

ID: 988679

10. If this doesn’t make you go ‘awwww’ then you have no soul.

ID: 988684

11. This fossa doesn’t care about your problems.

ID: 988692

12. Family drama!

ID: 988701

13. 2 minutes of fossa puppies wrestling. You’re welcome.

ID: 988715

14. More baby fossas being all cute.

ID: 988726

15. Look how gorgeous this lady/fellow is!

ID: 988758

16. A sleepy fossa is adorable.

ID: 988773

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