The 13 Most Ridiculous Foxes

Because silly foxes make life so much better.

1. Omg omg stop it. I’m ticklish. Stop. Stooooop. Keep going.

2. In this case, ridiculous=cute.

3. Annnnnnnnd done.

4. Sleep tail-walking.

5. Watch mom, I learned this from The Lion King.

6. God my tail smells good. Must be the new Herbal Essences.

7. Your tongue will stick to the glass they said. I got this.

8. This is the best day ever.

9. Petting is good. Petting is very good.

10. Can’t talk now, important business to do.

11. Looks like I’m the only one dedicated to the fort-making.

12. Just napping on top of a tombstone.

In tribute to the greatest fox of all time, Todd.

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