18 Problems With Being An 18+ One Direction Fan

Nothing says “responsible adult” like One Direction posters plastered on your dorm room walls.

1. You hear “Aren’t you a little old…” constantly.

I don’t think “Live While We’re Young” excludes 19-year-olds.

ID: 1398208

2. When you go to concerts you’re surrounded by this:

It’s a never ending sea of 13-year-old white girls.

ID: 1409845

3. And this:

The face paint says it all.

ID: 1409855

4. And this:

And the tears stream down my face.

ID: 1409868

5. You couldn’t find a use for a One Direction lunch box.

But isn’t keeping my food safe the responsible “adult” thing to do?

ID: 1409872

6. Or fit into a One Direction night gown.

And I’ve tried.

ID: 1409878

7. Plus the stick-on nails are too small for your adult hands.

Stick-on disappointment.

ID: 1409880

8. Additionally you have to pay for all this merchandise yourself.

*muffled sobs*

ID: 1409884

9. The younger fans resent you.

Their words cut like knives.

ID: 1409888

10. The fans your age think you’re competition.

Can’t ever get it right.

ID: 1409892

11. And then there’s the moms.

Absolute. Worst.

ID: 1409895

12. But don’t worry, someone still loves you.

(Hint: Someone is One Direction.)

ID: 1409942

13. Because the concerts are better with you.

At least Zayn thinks so.

ID: 1409897

14. And you have the perfect response to fan hate:

Can’t we just all get along?

ID: 1409901

15. You can hold your own at the shows.

If I’m louder, would you see me?

ID: 1409903

16. You dance pretty well too.

Even if not as well as Niall does.

ID: 1409906

17. And even Leeroy has a good opinion of you:


ID: 1409910

18. Besides let’s be honest, they’re all 19+.

And they’re not looking for jailbait.

ID: 1409912

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