Introducing Your Host For The 2013 Grammy Awards: LL Cool J

If LL Cool J is ever a category at Trivia Night, you’re going to be so smart…sort of.

1. LL (born James Todd Smith) is from Bayshore, Long Island

ID: 864624

2. Which is where George Washington hid out during the Revolutionary War

“Jägerbombs for all!” - George Washington, 1775

ID: 864664

3. LL Cool J dropped out of Andrew Jackson High School to make his debut album, “Radio”

ID: 864774

4. Most of us know LL Cool J as a rapper

ID: 864789

5. With hits such as “Mama Said Knock You Out” and “G.O.A.T”

ID: 864813

6. And “All I Have”

LL Cool JLo is what I like to call them.

ID: 864903

7. We also know him for looking like this

ID: 864821

8. And this

ID: 864823

9. And this

ID: 864950

10. LL Cool J is more than just a rapper though. He’s a family man.

ID: 864829

11. He’s won two grammy awards

ID: 864944

12. He’s also an author!

ID: 864872

13. He started a website called, “Boomdizzle”

ID: 864922

14. He was on 30 Rock

As Ridikolus

ID: 864881

15. And Sesame Street

The word of the day was “Unanimous”

ID: 864883

16. And The Adventures of Pete and Pete

ID: 864891

17. He’s now the face of NCIS

ID: 864894

18. One time, a guy tried to break into his house

It didn’t go so well for him.

ID: 864911

19. So next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself, “What have you done today?”

ID: 864941

20. See you Sunday

ID: 864954

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