The Sloth Is The Spirit Animal Of The Millennial Generation

If what I’ve read in the media about my generation is true, then we’re all sloths.

1. We’re hopeless dreamers…

2. …who still live in their parents’ basement.

3. Yet we still feel like we can be and do whatever we want.

4. But instead of working hard we spend all of our time on social media.

5. We love to get stoned.

6. We’re faithless…

7. …sex-obsessed monsters…

8. …who have no respect for authority…

9. … and are armchair activists, dramatically proclaiming our despair at the state of the world.

10. But we’re really more interested in Justin Bieber and things that look like him…

11. …and catchy mantras too!

12. We are the Me generation. We are Sloths. And we’re going nowhere fast.

…or slowly.

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