14 Tumblrs That Should Totally Be A Thing

Seriously, you should start one of these.

1. Hannibal & Will & Grace.

GIFs from Hannibal with quotes from Will & Grace.

ID: 3068418

2. Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Garfield.

Images from Garfield Minus Garfield, with added Andrew Garfield.

ID: 3068433
garfieldminusgarfield.net / Sony Pictures / BuzzFeed
ID: 3038228
garfieldminusgarfield.net / Sony Pictures / BuzzFeed
ID: 3067908

3. Kale Explains It All.

In which Kale answers all your burning questions.

ID: 3068431
Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed
ID: 3038357
Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed
ID: 3067947

4. “Overheard at Oxford” Quotes As Daily Mail Headlines.

Real things overheard at Oxford University on the cover of the Daily Mail.

ID: 3068419
Daily Mail
ID: 3038259
Daily Mail / BuzzFeed
ID: 3067985

5. Pornhub Comments As Opening Lines On Tinder.

Trying to get dates on Tinder using things men say about women on Pornhub.

ID: 3068434

6. Humans of Dudley.

Like Humans of New York. But, you know. In Dudley.

ID: 3068094
Flickr: gforce / Creative Commons

“I wear my visor sideways because people said I look like a duck with it on straight.”

“What would you do to improve Dudley?”

“More visors.”

ID: 3038249

“What team do you support?”


“What are you doing in Dudley?”

“Got lost.”

ID: 3068777

7. Fuck Yeah! Frank Langella.

Who’s your favorite actor? Frank Langella? Of course it is.

ID: 3017158
Universal Pictures
ID: 3068092
Warner Bros.
ID: 3068063

8. Only Farage and Horses.

Pictures of the UKIP leader and “man of the people” Nigel Farage, with quotes from Peckham’s favourite son.

ID: 3068095
Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
ID: 3038267
Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
ID: 3068089

9. Every Aldi.

There are 9,600 Aldi supermarkets in the world. Here are all of them.

ID: 3068195
Flickr: fanofretail / Creative Commons
ID: 3038217
Flickr: kecko / Creative Commons
ID: 3068193

10. I’m With The Miliband.

Classic rock covers improved by Ed Miliband.

ID: 3068138
Parlophone Records / Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images / BuzzFeed
ID: 3052706
RCA Records / Dan Kitwood / Getty Images / BuzzFeed
ID: 3068134

11. A Slice of Misery.

Really sad people posing with pizza.

ID: 3068097

12. The Poetry Of Yahoo! Answers.

Terrible questions. Average poetry.

ID: 3068203
Digital Vision / Thinkstock
ID: 3038491
Lesyy / Thinkstock
ID: 3068335

13. Hipster Coffee Signs

Funny signs outside hipster coffee shops.

ID: 3038493
ID: 3068350
ID: 3068343

14. Everyday Achievement Unlocked.

X-Box Live achievements handed out for everyday things.

ID: 3068970

You should start one of these. Let me know if you do!

ID: 3068810

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Dan Dalton is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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