8 Reasons Why You Should Love Czech Rap

Rap it out in a different language. You know you want to.

1. Click play before scrolling.

Je mi to fuk (I don’t care) - Ektor & DJ Wich

NSFW-ish if your boss understands Czech.
Hint: It’s highly unlikely.

2. 1. You can pick up new language skills.

Pump these tunes enough and you’re bound to pick up some moderately offensive Czech that you can unknowingly drop at some formal Czech gathering you’ll someday be invited to. Also, just think of the street cred you could swing by knowing this little jingle.

3. 2. The lyrics are amendable to your mood.

Feeling down? Who knows if they are rapping about how wonderful and gorgeous you are? Not you! So relax and pretend they’re just rapping a list of all the fantastic qualities about you.

4. 3. You can learn fancy new dance moves.

Czech rappers have all the new moves. So many options…so few clubs cool enough for your newly learned skills.

5. 4. The music videos.

With random men on fire or women doing pushups, each music video will bring up some “but wait whaaaat is happening?” moments that are always enjoyable when you don’t know the language.

6. 5. You’ll be the cool kid when you club in the Czech Republic.

You know you want to be that cool kid.

7. 6. It’s great car music to share with your friends.

Everyone needs a little more culture in their life. You’re doing them a favor…right?

If they revolt you can always jam out alone. No shame in that.

8. 7. All you hear on the radio is Justin Bieber.

There are moments for the Bieb. However, there are so many moments where the Bieb is not needed. Thus the obvious natural replacement for him are the hard-hitting tunes of Czech rap.

9. 8. You’re Czech and you like rap.

Yes, this is a reason why you should love Czech rap. You understand it, you know it, you get it. You win. And yes, you can always pull the “I knew them before they were cool” card any day you like.

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