8 Ungraceful Cats And Their Graceful Idols

They try so hard. They fail so hard.

1. 1. The trickster

Graceful cat: “Aaaaand…bye.”

Ungraceful cat: “I can still be totally annoying while maintaining my laziness.”

(Advice: You should never annoy anyone/anything sleeping. Ever.)

3. 2. The water snob

Graceful cat: “Oh yes, I am a wee bit parched. I shall solve this conundrum that has plagued me since I finished my water bowl.”

Ungraceful cat: “Why mess with a faucet when a toilet beckons with its secret pool of water?”

5. 3. The jumper

Graceful cat: “Pft. Did this last week. So over it.”

Ungraceful cat: “Mine. My time is now.”

7. 4. The walker

Graceful cat: “Yes…I walk. Questions anyone?”

Ungraceful cat: “I’m still working on it.”

9. 5. The athlete

Graceful cat: “I was born to be a star.”

Ungraceful cat: “I can haz hurdle?”

11. 6. The techie

Graceful cat: “Finally some wheels to go with my sass.”

Ungraceful cat: “Around and around and around and around.”

13. 7. The stowaway

Graceful cat: “Comfy. Practical. Here.”

Ungraceful cat: “Going for the creativity points…”

15. 8. The snuggler

Graceful cat: “So squishy.”

Ungraceful cat: “I…don’t know how to cuddle.”

17. Conclusion: graceful cats and ungraceful cats are equally as awesome.

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