24 “Veronica Mars” Guest Stars, Then And Now

In honor of the massively successful movie Kickstarter, let’s look back at some of the best guest stars from the show. This movie can’t come out soon enough.

1. 1. Paris Hilton

ID: 1072051

Yeah…she hasn’t changed all that much.

ID: 1072053

3. 2. Melissa Leo

ID: 1072057

She definitely looks more familiar in her role as Alice in The Fighter.

ID: 1072059

5. 3. Sam Huntington

ID: 1072068

Now he casually turns into a werewolf every full moon on the TV show Being Human.

ID: 1072075

7. 4. Jane Lynch

ID: 1072082

Still maintaining the same snarky demeanor, she is now of course the beloved/hated Sue Sylvester of Glee.

ID: 1072085

9. 5. Jessica Chastain

ID: 1072088

Gone is the timid and wounded person we see her as in Veronica Mars. Instead, she now reigns as the star of Zero Dark Thirty.

ID: 1072091

11. 6. Jonathan Bennett

ID: 1072093

He will ALWAYS be dreamy Aaron Samuels of Mean Girs. Always.

ID: 1072096

13. 7. Max Greenfield

ID: 1072097

Well for one thing…he’s still cute as ever. However, it’s slightly unfortunate he lost his adorable charm to be such a bro as Schmidt in New Girl.

ID: 1072098

15. 8. Aaron Paul

ID: 1072099

Forever a sketchball in Breaking Bad.

ID: 1072100

17. 9. Leighton Meester

ID: 1072101

Deemed once by Veronica as the “gossip queen” of Neptune High, she didn’t stray too far to be flawlessly sassy Blair in Gossip Girl.

ID: 1072103

19. 10. Alyson Hannigan

ID: 1072104

No debating her talent as Lily in How I Met Your Mother. Stay awesome girl.

ID: 1072105

21. 11. Michael McMillian

ID: 1072106

True Blood turned this once troubled teen of Veronica Mars into psycho vampire Steve Newlin.

ID: 1072107

23. 12. Krysten Ritter

ID: 1072109

Jesse’s love interest in Breaking Bad? Yes. Chokes on her own vomit after an overdose? Yes. A little different than her character in Veronica Mars? YES.

ID: 1072110

25. 13. Ari Graynor

ID: 1072112

“Go save the world.” - Rachel Dunham

As Olivia Dunham’s sister Rachel in Fringe, that really is the only appropriate thing to say to someone like Olivia.

ID: 1072114

27. 14. Kevin Smith

ID: 1072115

This man seems to be everywhere. Not surprising he popped in for one of the more random roles in Veronica Mars.

ID: 1072116

29. 15. Laura Bell Bundy

ID: 1072119

Continuing with the shockingly high voice and pink clothes, Legally Blonde: The Musical was definitely the proper step for her.

ID: 1072121

31. 16. Geoff Pierson

ID: 1072122

He got a pretty sweet character upgrade from being arrested in Veronica Mars, to being the one arresting people in Dexter. Thankfully that’s not how the real world works.

ID: 1072124

33. 17. Lucas Grabeel

ID: 1072125

If he was his High School Musical character in Veronica Mars, he may have actually enjoyed the above impromptu strip search by Weevil. Alas, no. It’s too bad his spontaneous singing and flirtatious hats were not around in his VM days.

ID: 1072126

35. 18. Michael Cera

ID: 1072127

Always the cutest, best, and most awkward character in whatever he is in. This never should change.

ID: 1072129

37. 19. Chris Lowell

(Okay…so technically he was a regular in season 3, but who doesn’t want to see his face more?)

ID: 1072130

Shorter cuter hair? Check. An M.D.? Check. Not named “Piz” anymore? Check. Yeah…I’m sold.

ID: 1072131

39. 20. Julie Gonzalo

ID: 1072132

Gone are the days of blonde hair. With these wavy brunette locks of hair, Julie is now most recognized for her role on the TV show Dallas.

ID: 1072134

41. 21. Rider Strong

ID: 1072135

Boy Meets World or Cabin Fever?

Hmm…that should be a rhetorical question. Boy Meets World wins obviously.

ID: 1072136

43. 22. Armie Hammer

ID: 1072137

I think I like it better when there are two of him (i.e. The Social Network).

ID: 1072138

45. 23. Matt Czuchry

ID: 1072139

Apparently being a lawyer is more appealing than being a reporter. He now throws down the law in The Good Wife.

ID: 1072140

47. 24. Dianna Agron

ID: 1072142

Oh hey Quinn, I guess Glee hasn’t stolen your perfectly styled blonde hair and preppy clothes…yet.

ID: 1072143

49. Conclusion…

This Veronica Mars movie could literally star ANYONE. Be ready for anything and anyone.

ID: 1072144

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